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The Question –

If a voltage regulator is set to 14.1 , how does it not overcharge a 12V battery on a long trip, or when the battery is back fully charged, does the regulator continue to attempt to pump 14.1 into the battery? Would that not eventually dry out the matts?


The Answer –

No, first the battery is not fully charged after an engine start or worse if the airplane has been inactive. It will take about 3.5 hours to fully charge the battery, then 14.1 IS NOT OVERCHARGING IT, merely charging it normal at RT, too low at cold temperatures and too high or overcharging it at 100F or higher, look in the O/O manual for recommended charging voltages at temperature.

If the recommended charging voltage at the battery temperature is exceeded then yes, the vent valves will allow water to be consumed and the battery will dry out, but this rarely ever happens.


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