7-19-12 Boeing has Approved Concorde RG-150-1 & RG-150-2 Battery Packs for Boeing 717 & MD-90

RG 150 1Concorde Battery is pleased to announce that Boeing has approved Concorde’s RG-150-1 & RG-150-2 battery packs as alternative IRS standby power supplies for Boeing models 717 and MD-90 Series.

RG-150-1 & RG-150-2 (heated version) are 3.5 Ah batteries constructed with Concorde’s valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) recombinant gas (RG®) technology that has been proven as reliable, durable and safe for over 30 years. Both batteries have passed rigorous TSO-C173 testing for duty cycle, electrical performance, temperature extremes, shock/vibration and environmental requirements and are FAA-TSO authorized.

RG-150-1 & RG-150-2 are 24 volt with no internal boosting circuitry. The straightforward design should eliminate the ADIRU power-up test nuisance faults caused by the original 12 volt ACME P/N 264BS101-1 & Marathon P/N BP-95 power supplies that are boosted to 24 volts. RG-150 Series batteries dimensionally conform to ARINC 404A, ¼ ATR Short and have field replaceable battery packs.

Boeing has issued MD 90 Service Letter MD-90-34-104-A & Boeing 717 Service Letter 717-SL-34-111-A to replace with Concorde.

The advantages of converting from nickel-cadmium to Concorde include lower cost of acquisition, zero maintenance and reduced battery costs per flight hour. Concorde batteries do not require deep cycling to remove the “memory effects” seen in nickel-cadmium batteries, do not require water or electrolyte replenishment and have no risk of thermal runaway. With the benefit of RG® Series batteries shipping Hazmat Exempt, transportation is less costly regardless of whether shipping by land, sea or air.

Concorde designs and manufactures over 90 models of Original Equipment and direct replacement batteries for fixed wing and rotary aircraft and has a reputation for designing application specific solutions. Concorde batteries are installed as Original Equipment by aircraft manufacturers and adopted by military aircraft operators worldwide.

Manufacturing Military and Commercial TSO, FAA-PMA and OEM certified aircraft batteries for over 30 years.

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