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S or SS

as pertaining to Concorde Battery Corporation

Sealed Cells

Cells that are free from routine maintenance and can be operated without regard to position.

Secondary Battery

A system which is capable of repeated use by employing chemical reactions that are reversible, i.e: the discharged energy may be restored by supplying electrical current to recharge the cell.

Self Discharge

The decrease in the state-of-charge of a cell or a battery, over a period of time, due to the internal electro-chemical losses.


An insulating sheet or other device employed in a storage battery to prevent metallic contact between plates of opposite polarity within a cell.

Shelf Life

For a dry cell or battery, the period of time (measured from date of manufacture) at a specified storage temperature after which the cell or battery retains a specified percentage of its original energy content (Also refer to Wet Shelf Life).

Soak Time

The time required for the electrolyte to be absorbed sufficiently into the active materials of the cells after activation to allow the battery or cell to be placed in service.

Specific Energy

The energy storage ability of a battery on a weight basis, usually expressed in watt hours per pound (or kilogram); sometimes given on a volume basis in watt hours per cubic foot (or liter).

Specific Gravity (S.G.)

The weight of the electrolyte is compared to the weight of an equal volume of pure water, used to measure the strength or percentage of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte.

Starved Cell

A cell containing little or no free fluid electrolyte solution; this enables gases to reach electrode surfaces readily, and permits relative high rates of recombination.

State Of Charge (SOC)

The available ampere-hours in a battery at any given time. State-of-charge is determined by the amount of sulfuric acid remaining in the electrolyte (S.G.) at the time of testing or by the stabilized open-circuit voltage.


In its common usage, the term refers to the formation of lead sulfate of such physical properties that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reconvert it to active material.


RG Battery cases swell or bulge when the cell vent valves maintain an internal pressure that is greater than the outer (atmospheric) pressure.


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