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Amount of current, sometimes expressed as a fraction or decimal of the current necessary to discharge the cell in 1 hour, i.e: a fraction of the .C. rate.

Rated Capacity

The number of Ahs a battery can deliver under specific conditions (rate of discharge, end voltage, temperature).


See Capacity, Rated Capacity.

Rechargeable Secondary Cell or Battery

A cell or battery which can be recharged many times after being discharged without appreciable depreciation of capacity.


State in which the hydrogen and oxygen gases normally formed within the battery cell during charging are recombined to form water.


The deep discharge, constant current charge process used to correct any cell imbalance acquired during battery usage.


The capability of a battery system to be charged and discharged.


In a cell, pertains to a safety vent valve which is capable of closing after each pressure release, in contrast to the non resealable vent cap

Reversible Reaction

A chemical change which takes place in either direction, as in the reversible reaction for charging or discharging a secondary battery.


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