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Deep Discharge

Withdrawal of 50% or more of the rated capacity of a cell or battery.

Deionized Water

Water which has been freed of ions by treatment with ion exchange resins.

Depth Of Discharge

The portion of the nominal capacity from a cell or battery taken out during each discharge cycle, expressed in percent. Shallow depth of discharge is considered as 10% or less, deep depth of discharge is considered 50% or more.


The conversion of the chemical energy of a cell or battery into electrical energy and withdrawal of the electrical energy into a load.

Discharge rate

The rate of current flow from a cell or battery.

Distilled Water

Water which has been freed of ions by a process of vaporization and subsequent condensation.

Drain Discharge

Withdrawal of all charge capacity from a cell or battery at a reduced current rate after the cell of battery has been partially discharged at a higher current rate.

Dry Charge

Process by which the electrodes are formed and assembled in a charged state. The cell or battery is activated when the electrolyte is added.

Dry Shelf Life

The period of time that a cell or battery can stand without electrolyte before deteriorating beyond a point where a specified capacity or voltage level can no longer be obtained, when packed and stored accord to specifications.

Duty Cycle

The conditions and usage to which a battery is subjected during operation, consisting of charge, overcharge, and discharge.


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