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All Certificate Information for Beechcraft
(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft), DH.125 Series 1/A

Click here for printable pdf of all FAA/PMA eligibilty list.

Installations listed may require the purchase of an STC and/or STC Kit, aircraft modifications, etc. Contact the Concorde factory or the Certificate Holder for installation details.
It is the installers responsibility to verify the aircraft manufacturer's original battery part number prior to each installation.

(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft) DH.125 Series 1/A Certified Replacement Battery Installations

Manufacturer Model Concorde
Part No.
TC/STC Info FAA/PMA Info Holder Name
(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft)
DH.125 Series 1/A - 24v
STC to replace lead acid or nickel-cadmium battery
RG-390E STC#
FAA-PMA Supplement
No. 39, dd 04/23/99
Concorde Battery
(Formerly Hawker Beechcraft /
Raytheon Aircraft / Beech Aircraft)
DH.125 Series 1/A - 24v
STC to replace nickel-cadmium battery only
STC to replace emergency battery only
Aircraft Serial Numbers 25013, 25014, 25016 thru 25023
25025 thru 25039, 25042, 25043, 25046, 25047, 25051
25052, 25053, 25057, 25058, 25060, 25063 thru 25068
25070, 25073 thru 25075, 25078 thru 25080, 25082 thru 25110
RG-125 STC#
FAA-PMA Supplement
No. 65, dd 01/30/04
Concorde Battery
To see more detailed, comparative information about all the available batteries for your aircraft, please click on the aircraft model above.
To see specific information about each battery click on the Concorde Part Number above.

See FAA Advisory Circular A.C. 23-27 for small aircraft Type Certificated before January 1, 1980. Follow-on Type Certificate models of the same aircraft, or a derivative thereof, which may be assigned a later TC date also meet the criteria. Please see Concorde Technical Bulletin 9 for complete applicability information.

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